Domonique Brown is a licensed Esthetician who is a believer in healthy skin. Her interest in skincare began as a teenager "I was a client in the skincare industry before I became an esthetician". 

As a teen, Brown’s passion for skincare started when she received a birthday basket full of skincare products. She fell in love with the science of each product and noticed beautiful changes in her skin. Her complexion cleared, obtained a nice healthy glow, and overall became blemish free. "I started to feel really good about myself and growing up as a young girl, it made me feel beautiful and gave me a sense of confidence”. 

After she noticed positive changes in her skin, Domonique became infatuated with methods to achieve healthy skin. Brown enrolled in one of the top esthetician school in Southern California, The Paul Mitchell School, in Pasadena, CA. At Paul Mitchell, Domonique learned skin analysis, theory/practical assignments on skincare and several skin treatments such as, electrical facials, chemical peels, microdermabrasion

As a native Southern Californian, Brown appreciates sun, nature and outdoor life. Using her love for warm/sunny environments and personalized skincare, she has created an all natural body oil for everyday use. She created this special blend with all types of different exotic oils that are beneficial for overall skin health. Domonique designed her body oil so that everyone can achieve smooth, healthy, moisturized skin.